An essay by Harlan Ellison followed by his short story about totalitarianism and independence.

In brief: A decent story, but not the masterpiece it's claimed to be.

Hugh and his father pick up a new clothes cupboard at a junk shop, but soon enough he and his friends find the cupboard has special qualities.

In brief: A fun light read, but perhaps best for young children who will accept vague symbols as significant mysteries.

Answered Prayers #3

A celebrated director is called to wrap up a friend and fellow director’s final project, a horror film.

2.5 stars
In brief: Disappointing.

After almost all humans suddenly disappeared, the remaining humans develop long lives and psychic powers. All the robots remain, and seek their own new purpose in life. The humans form three groups – the few that work with robots, the Native Americans that disdain robots, and a nomadic group that fears robots.

2.5 stars
In brief: The contents of a mildly interesting essay spread into a disappointing and not very interesting novel.

A wealthy miser learns the true meaning of charity.

4 stars
In brief: One of Dickens' classics

Song of Ice and Fire #5

This companion to A Feast for Crows tells the contemporaneous stories of the other characters – the ones who just didn’t fit into that massive volume.

3.5 stars
In brief: Dense, well-written political fantasy.

Simak Complete Stories #7

A collection of mostly science fiction stories by Clifford Simak.

In brief: A great selection of moving and optimistic Simak stories.

A small English village is disturbed by the appearance of a young American woman.

3 stars
In brief: Pleasant but not compelling.

In a post-apocalyptic America, two women struggle to survive on the Oregon coast.

3 stars
In brief: Interesting.

Travis, a young man come to live in a small plains town with his estranged aunt and uncle, finds there Anna, their mysterious lodger, and Nancy, as much a misfit as himself. Together, they gradually get more involved with Anna and with each other.

In brief: One of Wilson's stronger books.

A collection of stories by Michael Chabon.

2.5 stars
In brief: Good, but not in any way outstanding.

Plague of Angels #1

Abasio is a bored farm boy who runs off to adventures in the city his mother escaped from and warned him against. Orphan is an archetype from an archetypical village. Separate urgencies cause them to flee together toward the mysterious Place of Power.

In brief: Very much worth reading.

World of Tiers #3

The creater of the world of tiers is missing, and his sometime pal Kickaha sets out to find him for his own purposes, having adventures along the way.

1.5 stars
In brief: A haphazard and uninteresting sequel.

Bob Arctor uses and sells drugs. His alter-ego, Fred, is a policeman charged with bringing Bob to justice.

2 stars
In brief: A close look at drug culture, with a slight tinge of science fiction and a lot of paranoia.

The Fall of the Sorcerers #1

In a society based on magic, a young man has none. When a friend is killed, he seeks other ways to achieve justice.

2.5 stars
In brief: Formal, slow-moving, not very interesting, and ends abruptly.

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