A Private Cosmos – Philip Jose Farmer

A Private Cosmos


The creater of the world of tiers is missing, and his sometime pal Kickaha sets out to find him for his own purposes, having adventures along the way.


Kickaha (aka Paul Janus Finegan) as Philip Jose Farmer notes, is a thinly disguised alternate self who has by now become the focus of the series. He’s a relatively amoral trickster-type, constantly getting into scrapes, but escaping through native cleverness and charm. He’s not, unfortunately, likable or credible.

The situation isn’t helped by Farmer’s fairly impractical teleportation mechanism – pairs of match metal arcs. It doesn’t make much sense, and Farmer essentially recognizes this, allowing the once-rare arcs to multiply without regard for logic. At certain points, the action was unclear enough that I lost track of what was happening, but didn’t particularly care. All in all, a haphazard and uninteresting sequel.

I received a free copy of this
book in exchange for an honest review.

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