A Tooth in the Barn – Tambo Jones

A Tooth in the Barn

A Tooth in the Barn


Someone has been killing young boys in the Reach, and their ghosts have troubled Faldorrah castellan Dubric Brierly. He's brought his squire and two pages to help in the investigation, but boys and young men keep going missing, and now the pages themselves are at risk.


This book/series ends with a bang, in a tense, dark installment that’s even darker and more horrific than the previous ones. That darkness didn’t bother me, but the no-holds-barred approach may be too much for some readers. Bad things happen, and there’s discussion of bad things that happened previously.

While much of the installment focuses on Jones’ strengths in this and prior books, this segment relies a little too heavily on genealogy and a web of relations that’s a little hard to keep track of. Since it’s also fairly important to the plot, that’s unfortunate. There are also some character turnarounds that don’t have the foundation they might, and a sad ending that it seems Jones tries mightily to wrench onto a happier track at the last moment, rather than letting it be what it is.

Mostly, however, this is a strong ending to a strong book/series, and recommended for Jones’ fans. That said, I’m not entirely sure what’s happening with these books, since this installment is no longer listed on Amazon, and a query to the author hasn’t produced a response. Would-be readers may be better off seeking out the original paperback, Threads of Malice, that this is the last portion of. It’s well worth it.

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