A Voice for Princess – John Morressy

A Voice for Princess

A Voice for Princess


Kedrigern, a cantankerous old wizard, quits the Magician's Guild in disgust at the entry of alchemists. On a rare client service trip from his new refuge, he saves a beautiful princess who's been transformed into a frog. They fall in love. All's well, except... Princess still sounds like a frog.


I was a big fan of John Morressy’s Iron Angel trilogy, and I picked up this book soon after it came out. It’s a different kind of book, of course – a light-hearted fantasy romp where Iron Angel was fairly serious – but I had hopes. To some extent these were met – the book is fun enough that I picked up three more in the series – but it doesn’t have the same magic (so to speak).

The premise is fun, if not innovative – Kedrigern is a grumpy old wizard – and it’s fine that some aspects are not too credible – he saves a beautiful princess who falls in love with him for no particular reason. The plot is fairly episodic, and it never really escapes that broad characterization of ‘kind of fun’. There are plenty of moments of good humor, and the story moves along nicely. As I said, I picked up three others in the series, but haven’t felt the need to get the remaining two. If you’re looking for undemanding light fantasy, this is a good fit.

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