Artificial Condition – Martha Wells

Artificial Condition


An ungoverned, free-willed cyborg and security expert searches out an episode in its past in which it seems to have killed a considerable number of people.


I’m glad to fill in the gap between books 1 and 3, even if out of sequence. This book has more in common with its prequel than its sequel – the character is the focus, and works well. The story is reasonably credible (if a little pat in places). The brevity of the book screams out ‘This should have been a portion of one big book‘, just as the other parts did.

Still, aside from that ongoing complaint, the book is a lot of fun, and a good continuation of an engaging story. I wish Wells’ Raksura stories had been this good. If you haven’t started these yet, I recommend them. However, you may want to wait for the inevitable omnibus volume, so that you don’t have to read the books with these artificial separations.

I received a free copy of this
book in exchange for an honest review.

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