Caldicott Place – Noel Streatfeild

Caldicott Place

Caldicott Place



When Tim’s father is injured in an accident, the family has to cut back. Then Tim inherits a large house, and the family takes in boarders – including his father, now back from the hospital, but not back to himself.


I first read this many years back, as the child the book was intended for. I liked it (partly because Tim has a dog that he fights to keep), but didn’t fall in love with it. As an adult, my reaction was not much different. It’s a pleasant, well written book, but not one that will really grip you. The concept of a big inheritance being problematic was new to me, but I think it’s mainly the dog that I liked.

Toward the end, the book does deal nicely with the relation between Tim and his father – with Tim unaware of the extent of his father’s injury. It also has some pointed but not too pushy lessons about good behaviour. The ending is quick and a bit slapdash, but overall the book is pleasant and harmless.

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