Dawnshard – Brandon Sanderson



Rsyn is, thanks to a gift from a mentor, a newly-minted ship owner, but her crew doesn't really trust her. And her beloved animal companion, Chiri-Chiri, is sick. Happily, she turns up a trade voyage that might address both issues, but it's dangerous.


I’ve enjoyed Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series, but I’m frankly starting to lose track of all the pieces and players, despite reading the latest books fairly recently. I’m happy to say that these interstitial novellas work better.

There are undoubtedly connections and clues in Dawnshard that flew right past me. I had only a vague notion of who Loper (a key character is), and I don’t recall hearing of Rsyn (the protagonist) before. But maybe I did and forgot. The good thing is that none of that knowledge is essential. This book is perfectly readable as a self-contained adventure, and that’s how I took it. On that front, it works well. It itself may prove an important element of understanding later books, but previous books are not essential to this one.

Sanderson’s prose is smooth and quick-moving, as usual, the characters engaging, the situations intriguing. It does feel fairly limited in scope, but it works reasonably well overall. It’s a quick read and I enjoyed it.

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