Exit Strategy – Martha Wells

Exit Strategy


A free-willed security cyborg seeks to rescue its original owner.


While Murderbot still retains its charm, the overall story is by now starting to wear thin. While the episodes of these separate novellas are fairly well contained, the arc of each is so similar that the stories are beginning to feel too familiar. While an interesting, if not novel (sic), approach, I feel that Tor made a substantial mistake in publishing these pieces as individual books, rather than as a few actual novels with more cohesion and larger arcs. While I’m enjoying each individually, I’m not really getting much out of the series as a whole. Within a novel, the similarity of tone and approach would have worked for the character, instead of against it. As is, I feel like I’m reading pretty much the same book every time. The next in the series is an actual novel, so we’ll see if that works better.

For this story, fun, but by now very familiar.

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