Fire Ant – Jonathan P. Brazee

Fire Ant


Floribeth, an Off-Planet Worker and pilot, finds something on an ordinary exploratory trip – something big. She barely escapes danger, and finds her whole life transformed.


This had the distinct feel of an excerpt to it – maybe the middle third of a longer novel. While it’s interesting to see Filipino culture in space – complete with an updated Overseas Employment Administration, there are quickly enough acronyms that they’re hard to keep track of. Still, it’s a solidly developed world, and the characters are credible and engaging.

The story moves fast, and it’s exciting. Some of the motivations are thin, and the lines and tropes are standard military SF, but they’re delivered well, and with enough innovation that it feels fairly fresh. The tenses get sloppy here and there, and the explanations can sometimes be murky.

The story has a clear standalone arc, but there’s no escaping the feel that this is only an introduction – that there are further stories to follow. I hope so, because the larger story has promise, and I’d be interested to read it – ideally in a more complete form

I received a free copy of this
book in exchange for an honest review.

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