N or M? – Agatha Christie

N or M?


An older couple, retired secret agents, are brought back to sniff out the identity of a German agent operating in England during WWII.


This is one of the first Agatha Christie books I ever read; perhaps the first. As I settled into it again decades later, I recalled the comforting familiarity of Tommy and Tuppence, the book’s married protagonists. I didn’t recall much of the plot, and frankly, plot is not the book’s strong point. Nominally a thriller, it’s much more cozy than thrilling, and Tommy and Tuppence’s relationship is what stands out. Read it for that, and not for a mystery that doesn’t really hold up to close examination.

It’s nice to read something other than Poirot and Marple from Ms. Christie, and the characters here are perfectly likeable. Even if the story won’t stay in your mind long, Tuppence and Tommy may linger.

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