The Lovers – Philip Jose Farmer

In a repressive future society, a jack-of-all-trades linguist exchanges cultural restrictions for a long trip to another world. Whe he finds there shakes and reshapes his world view and his heart.

3 stars
In brief: This should probably have stayed at short story length

Mississippi Roll – George R.R. Martin (ed)

Wild Cards #24

The 24th book in a shared world anthology in which many humans have been transformed by an alien virus either into jokers (deformed) or aces (super-powered). A varied collection of people on a riverboat aim to help Kazakh refugees seeking asylum in the United States.

2 stars
In brief: An argument in favor of ending shared world anthologies early.

Artemis – Andy Weir

Jazz Bashara, brilliant ne’er-do-well, has a get rich quick scheme on the Kenyan owned Artemis lunar base. Unfortunately, so do a clever entrepeneur, a mysterious cartel, and a host of others.

3.5 stars
In brief: A clever, well-told story brought down by an attitude that feels more 1970s than 2000s.

Dayworld – Philip Jose Farmer

Dayworld #1

Thanks to overpopulation, most people live only one day out of seven, spending the rest in suspended animation. But one man is both an immer, with a seven-fold lifespan, and a daybreaker, living every day in a different role.

2.5 stars
In brief: A decent book that might have been a good one with a firm editorial hand.