Reap the Wild Wind – Julie E. Czerneda

Reap the Wild Wind


The planet Cersi is shared by three species - the humanoid Om'ray, the spiderlike Tikitik, and the bulky, taciturn, insectoid Oud. Since the long ago arrival of the Om'ray, they have lived under a strict agreement that forbids change. But now humans have come to visit, and they're disrupting everything.


I’m a sucker for ancient ruins and origin stories. Here, Czerneda pulls off the trick of mixing both together with hints of yet another and more ancient origin story and a prequel that’s perhaps even more engaging than the original. I started my acquaintaince with Czerneda’s writing with A Thousand Words for Stranger, and this prequel trilogy draws on her strengths – credible science, engaging characters, intriguing mysteries.

At some point in the expansions of this broad series – the original Trade Pact, then this prequel Stratification, then the sequel Reunification, I lost track of which books I had and stopped reading until I had them all. Sadly, I didn’t institute a careful check until just recently. When I realized I did have all nine books, I decided to read them all in chronological order – the two trilogies I’d already read and the final trilogy that … I’m not sure how much of I’ve read. It’s been a long time.

I remember this first (chronological) book fondly, and I’m happy to say that it stood the test of time and more. I have a few quibbles here and there, but largely this is a terrific book that I really enjoyed. In fact, it seems I enjoyed it more this time than last. I have it in my records as 3.5 stars, but I’m quite comfortable giving it more now. I think the book deserves it – it’s got adventure, exploration, romance, origins, aliens, science, and, if not actual ruins, at least really old and rediscovered stuff that still works. I remembered this book pretty well and enjoyed rediscovering it too (it still works!). I’m looking forward to all the sequels, and hoping they hold up just as well.

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