Riverworld and other stories – Philip Jose Farmer

Riverworld and other stories

Riverworld and other stories



A collection of speculative stories from Philip Jose Farmer, including three from the Riverworld series.


Here, at last, my long journey into Philip Jose Farmerworld comes mostly, and gratefully, to an end. I first encountered Farmer through his Riverworld books, which I continue to think are a great achievement in SFF, and deservedly qualify as classics. After extensive reading, though, the sad fact is that his other work – including stories for which he won prizes – doesn’t come close. The bulk of it is slipshod, far-fetched, and thinly characterized.

This collection, fairly enough, captures all facets of Farmer’s writing, from three reasonably solid Riverworld stories to stories that received acclaim to stories that are outright juvenile – and not in a fun way. In brief, I’d have to say that the only reason to buy the collection is for the Riverworld stories. They’re not essential, but they do flesh out a Tom Mix side story, and some of them show the good side of Farmer’s work.

I received a free copy of this
book in exchange for an honest review.

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