Sheepfarmer’s Daughter – Elizabeth Moon

Sheepfarmer's Daughter

Sheepfarmer's Daughter


Paksennarion joins the army rather than marry a farmer, and the story follows her induction into military life.


I read this based on a recommendation from a Goodreads member. I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t converted. The book is decent, but not especially interesting; most of it is things we’ve seen before. Paksenarrion (the protagonist) is likeable, but much of the book is a fairly mechanical look at her induction into a mercenary corps. There’s quite a lot of detail, but much of it is shallow – it reads a bit like someone inserting research they’ve done into how armies work.

This book was written as part of a much longer work, and it shows, By the end of the 450 or so pages, I felt like I’d just finished an incredibly long prologue. Unfortunately, I’m not tempted to read the bulk of the book.

All in all, pleasant, readable, but not particularly striking.

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