Steelheart – Brandon Sanderson



After Calamity appears in Eath’s sky, people with Epic superpowers start to appear and emplace themselves as tyrants. As a boy, David saw one of the most powerful Epics emerge and kill his father. Since then, the boy has dedicated his life to revenge.


I don’t get too excited about superhero stories, but Brandon Sanderson has done his usual thing with the concept – likable characters, decent storyline, and a carefully thought out magic [superpower] system.

The story is competently put together, but the book often feels more like a logic puzzle than a novel. ‘If this, then that’. Unfortunately, the challenges aren’t really that hard, and I worked most of them out well before the end. Even the one seemingly real surprise turned out not to be one after all.

At the same time, the characters are engaging, and I can see reading the next installment to find out more about them.

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