The Dead Man’s Brother – Roger Zelazny

The Dead Man's Brother

The Dead Man's Brother



Ovid Wiley, a former art dealer turned smuggler, becomes involved with a murder and an international conspiracy.


An undiscovered Zelazny novel! If you’re an SF enthusiast, you long ago discovered Roger Zelazny’s amazing talent. You’ve read Lord of Light, the Amber books, everything you could find. (check out The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny) So, when you run across something new, your heart races, your pulse pounds, you immediately click and order. Sure, international crime rings are not exactly the Zelazny you know and love, but the man was a genius – he could write!

Sadly, The Dead Man’s Brother is also not the Zelazny you know and love. While it’s fun to see Zelazny in a new genre, if this book were by anyone else, you’d give up after 50 pages. It’s just a bad book – awkward characters, weak plot, and none of the fluid, near-poetic prose that characterizes his other work.

Unless you’re a true Zelazny completist, don’t buy this book. It will only tarnish your memory of one of SF’s truly phenomenal talents. Instead, re-read Isle of the Dead and go to bed happy.

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