The Left-Handed Booksellers of London – Garth Nix

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London


Susan's mother has always been a little off - perhaps the result of overindulgence during the '60s. And her father - well, his name and origin are lost to the '60s as well. But when Susan heads off to London to study, she finds things are a little more complex, and that Ancient Sovereigns may be involved, along with other powers best left alone. Like booksellers.


My knowledge of Garth Nix is limited. I was introduced to the Abhorsen books by my nieces, and enjoyed the first three, but other than that I’ve only read one book and a handful of stories. He’s one of those authors I’ve meant to explore, but never gotten around to. I figured The Left-Handed Booksellers of  London was a good chance.

Booksellers was largely as I expected – smooth prose, engaging characters – yet disappointing all the same. While all the mechanics worked, all the elements were familiar. While the story worked well enough, it felt like an experienced author putting bits together by rote, and just letting the story spin out without much curation. Susan, the protagonist, is appealing, but she falls into an alternate world of goblins, ancient powers, and magic without blinking an eye. The requisite romantic thread is as entirely predictable as the rest. The one unexpected turn is that Nix doesn’t end at the first natural stopping place, but carries the plot a little ways further. I found it did more to raise expectations than to fulfill them.

A decent, accomplished, but in no way surprising book. Still, based on Abhorsen, I still have hopes for Mr. Nix, and will likely try again someday.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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