The Linen Maid’s Choice – Tambo Jones

The Linen Maid's Choice - Tambo Jones

The Linen Maid's Choice - Tambo Jones


People are dying left and right in Castle Faldorrah, and their ghosts are piling up around Castellan Dubric Brierly. He's made little progress in finding their killer, but at last hard evidence turns up. But will it lead to war?


It’s odd to me, reading a book in installments. It’s not quite like reading a magazine serial, nor like an episodic novel, nor like short stories. Perhaps it’s because I’ve read this particular book (in full form) before, so I have some idea what’s coming. The installments seem short, though. On the plus side, and because the book is so engrossing, they read quickly. On the minus side, wouldn’t a full novel be better?

This book finishes the first sub-series in the Children of Nall universe, and the first in the ‘previously published’ line, and constitutes the last part of the original Ghosts in the Snow novel. I’ve decided to pursue that line to the end first, then come back to another branch. So, reading the first three full original novels again, essentially. But in installments.

This book, with a good amount of tension, ties up the mystery of the serial killer and ties of the subthread of Nella and Risley, while also giving us more of the world’s backstory of epic battles of good and evil. I have some quibbles about the ending and some of the misdirection during the investigation, but overall, I really enjoyed not just this book, but the whole first trilogy (the original first book), and strongly recommend it.

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