Trullion: Alastor 2262 – Jack Vance

Trullion: Alastor 2262

Trullion: Alastor 2262


A retired policeman turns to athletic skills to raise money.


Trullion is classic Vance. Arcane vocabulary, lush landscapes, disaffected characters – this book has it all. It also introduces Alastor Cluster, ruled by the idosyncratic Connatic, who wanders incognito amongst his subjects.

Briefly, Glinnes is an ex-policeman, come home to Trullion after retirement. Naturally, he finds that all is not well, and part of his patrimony has been squandered. He turns to his skills at hussade, a complex team sport, to raise funds. As always with Vance, there are quirky customs, strange habits, and unattainable, stand-offish women. The plot is on the thin side, but the language and characterizations are fantastic (in several senses).

If you’re a Vance fan, this is a must. If you’re not (yet), this is a great place to start. Highly recommended.

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