Wolfbane – Frederik Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth



The Earth has been captured, the Moon turned into a makeshift sun, and the whole system driven into space. From a partner world, mysterious Pyramids control everything. With resources low, humans have become quiet, unassuming, their interaction ritualized and efficient. Except for the Wolves - humans who refuse to follow the rules.


Wolfbane is a bit of a dry read – I always felt a bit distant from the characters, and the plot a bit of an intellectual exercise. Despite that, the story works fairly well, and it is interesting intellectually – how Glenn Tropile goes from nervously acknowledged Citizen to publicly denounced Wolf.

The technology of the whole thing doesn’t bear much looking into, nor does the resolution. But the process for getting there, and Tropile’s drive to succeed, are what keep the book moving.

The gender relations are interesting but uneven. Tropile is an acknowledged manipulator intent on breaking the conforming spirit of his wife. Yet she sticks with him, in an ending flourish that feels a bit tacked on.

All in all, worthwhile for a quick, moderately thoughtful read.

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