Wool – Hugh Howey



The sheriff of a post-apocalyptic shelter deals with the expulsion of his wife.


I’d been hearing about Wool for months, and when I saw that this story was available for free, I downloaded with great expectations. Largely, they were met. I was expecting a longer story, but that’s not Howey’s fault.

I confess to some trepidation early on – there are some infelicitous

turns of phrase, some pretty clumsy language in general. But it picks up as time goes on. The story poses a core question, and it’s not really adequately answered; there’s a bit of hand-waving, but not really enough to leave me satisfied. The ending, the other element that’s built up, is not entirely unexpected, but it’s handled nicely nonetheless. I may well pick up the next in the series, to see whether language or narrative was the fluke.

All in all, nice story, and certainly worth a free read.

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